Year to year

2020: Also our youngbirds performed fantastic.

A special year. Like all of the Netherlands, Corona also held Dolf and Ruud in its grip. For the pigeonsport, because of the late start due to the lockdown it meant a short season on which the Bakker men can look back on with satisfaction. Their specialism the one day long distance was shortened to 4 races. On 3 out of 4 Dolf and Ruud were able to write no less than 10 top-10 notations. One race in the spotlight is NPO Fay aux Loges with a beautiful series of pigeons, namely 2-3-5-6-7-10-26-33-38-55-70-95-99 etc. against 4,050 pigeons. One pigeon featured is "Artus". With 4 out of 4 and a 5th place from Fay aux Loges, he earned a place in the breedingloft after this season.

The youngsters did absolutely great. The last 3 department races were won, but especially the series were impressive.

29-08-2020, Roye (young) 324 km. 51 duiven mee, 26 prijzen 1:4.
Afdeling 7:  1-2-8-10-18-28-31 etc. tegen 6.987 duiven.
05-09-2020, Pt. St. Maxence (young) 369 km. 50 duiven mee, 31 prijzen 1:4.
Afdeling 7: 1-2-3-4-5-7-8-15-16-17-18-30-31-38-41-57-60-65-71 etc. tegen 6.103 duiven.

12-09-2020, Sens (young) 455 km. 48 duiven mee, 31 prijzen 1:4.
Afdeling 7:  1-2-3-4-39-40-46-57-74-93 etc. tegen 4.884 duiven.

Onwards to season 2021. 

2019: Proud with 2 national victories

Even more then usual the focus in 2019 was the NPO one-day long distance races. This season there were more so called national/sectoral races. Great races with a lot of participants and great numbers of pigeons. Dolf and Ruud are allowed to be proud with the achieved results and no less then 2 sectoral victories and fabulous series in the rankings. Icing on the cake this year was the national race Vierzon, they had the 5 best pigeons against 8.065 pigeons. Also "Gene" again proved his class by achieving his 5th NPO Top-10 ranking!
In department 7 Dolf and Ruud became champion not nominated and nominated and no less dan 4 pigeons ended in the top-10 acepigeons ranking on the one-day long distance championships. Also in the Northern Union (departments 7, 8, 9, 10 & 11) the not nominated, nominated and total championship was won.


But most important are the results and top-10 rankings. These were as followed:


03-08-2019. Liberation point Vierzon, about 591 km. 50 pigeons basketed, 39 prices 1:4.

NPO: 1-2-3-4-5-7-13-16-17-27-35-41-48-53-71-77-85-95 etc. against 2.671 pigeons.

Nat. Sector 3: 1-2-3-4-5-8-16-19-20-36-47-61-72-82 etc. against 8.065 pigeons.

NU: 1-2-3-4-5-8-17-20-21-38-50-64-75-87 etc. against 11.211 pigeons.

National: 21-22-36-58-60-78 etc. against 26.141 pigeons.

"Gérard", "074", "Gene", "027", "402" and "407" this time won the top-10 ranking.

21-07-2019. Liberation point Châteaudun, about 532 km. 49 pigeons basketed, 31 prices 1:4.

NPO: 12-19-27-28-41-58-64-73-84-91-93 etc. against 2.796 pigeons.

Nat. Sector 3: 17-28-42-45-70 etc. against 8.435 pigeons.

NU: 19-30-46-49-77 etc. against 12.995 pigeons.

22-06-2019. Liberation point Issoudun, about 620 km. 49 pigeons basketed, 33 prices 1:4.
NPO:  1-2-9-11-13-16-20-25-26-27-28-35-60-63-77-83 etc. against 4.286 pigeons.
NU & Nat. Sector 3: 1-2-11-13-16-19-25-31-32-33-34-46-89-92 etc. against 14.084 pigeons.

"Artus", "Allissa" en "982" ranked in the top-10.


08-06-2019. Liberation point Bourges, about 594 km. 49 pigeons basketed, 43 prices 1:4.

NPO: 2-31-63-100 etc. against 5.274 pigeons.
The "450" won the first NPO top-10 ranking this season. 

2018: Châteauroux was great!

Looking back it was a good season. The start of the season, when every decision and every deed is to learn and train for the NPO one-day long distance races, Dolf and Ruud already made some great results. The "471", daughter of the last son of Di Caprio, became best middle distance pigeon in department 7.
Also severall championships were won, a.o.: 7th not nominated vitesse (speed), 1st not nominated and nominated middle distance, 8th nominated youngbirds, 5th overall not nominated and 2nd overall nominated, 4th combined overall, 6th best short distance and 1st & 5th best middle distance pigeon.


Also looking back to the important NPO, NU and National one-day long distance races Dolf and Ruud can be proud on their achievements with several top-10 rankings.


04-08-2018. Liberation point Châteaudun, about 532 km. 50 pigeons basketed, 37 prices 1:4.

NPO: 3-6-11-15-16-17-19-20-23-29-33-35-45-51-57-58-63-68-69-70-84-89 etc. against 1.974 pigeons.

De "104" en "Gene" waren de top-10 duiven.

21-08-2018. Liberation point Chateauroux, about 643 km. 49 pigeons basketed 35 prices 1:4.
NPO:  2-3-5-6-7-9-12-18-31-44-46-50-73-76-93 etc. against 2.383 pigeons.
NU Zone I: 4-6-8-9-10-19-26-32 etc. against 4.488 pigeons.
NU International: 5-9-11-13-14-33-46-59 etc. against 12.313 pigeons.
National Sector 3: 4-8-10-12-13-32-42-53 etc. against 8.623 pigeons.
National: 15-29-35-37-38 against 27.656 pigeons.

De "087", "027", "484", "Cayman" and "068" brought home the top-10 rankings.


07-07-2018. Liberation point Bourges, about 594 km. 49 pigeons basketed, 33 prices 1:4.

NPO: 7-14-24-26-31-37-38-39-40-44-51-79 etc. against 2.923 pigeons.

NU Zone I: 7-14-24-26-32-40-41-42-43-47-56-90 etc. against 5.344 pigeons.

NU International: 7-15-29-31-38-48-49-50-52-60-72 etc. against 16.658 pigeons.

National Sector 3: 7-15-28-30-37-46-47-48-49-55-66 against 10.639 pigeons.
"Gene" this weekend again was best of the loft.


23-06-2018. Liberation point Chateaudun, about 532 km. 47 pigeons basketed, 33 prices 1:4.

NPO: 2-16-24-53-83 etc. against 3.505 pigeons.
NU Zone I: 4-21-30-66 etc. against 6.522 pigeons.
NU International: 4-28-44 etc. against 12.511 pigeons.
NPO top-10 ranked was "068"

09-06-2018. Liberation point Gien, about 525 km. 50 pigeon basketed, 30 prices 1:4.
NPO: 3-5-8-9-23-27-42-49-53-54-69-89-96 etc. against 4.607 pigeons 
"Gene", "046", "522" and "093" ranked in the NPO top-10.