The veteran "027" arrived together with her loftmate the yearling hen "424". The "027" stept on the antenna first and with that she became 4th price winner against 5. 649 pigeons. A great achievement written by an already great track record. The "424" , just a second later, finished as 5th. She is daughter to "Germiny" (3x top-10 NPO) x "Nancy". Nancy was bred by the brothers Leideman.

A warm welcome

R.C. Bakker (Bakker Pigeons) from Veenendaal The Netherlands really is a father and son team formed by Dolf and Ruud. Over the years, also under loftname R.A. Bakker & Zn, they became wellknown because of their great achievements and victories on the in Holland so important NPO one day long distance races. 

In 2007 they decided to approach the pigeonsport more professionally, to do that they needed better but for all more suitable pigeons. According to Dolf and Ruud the best birds are owned by Gerard Koopman, Ermerveen. A trip was planned and from the best strains descendants moved to Veenendaal. It did not take long before the first successes came and at this time Dolf and Ruud have proven to be the most succesful satelite loft of Gerard Koopman.